Style Of Complex's

There are 4 styles of complex’s:

  • Holiday
  • Permanent
  • Student
  • Corporate

A building can consist of one of two of these styles depending on the complex. The style of building that will suit you will depend on the location and the type of business that you want to run.


These buildings are generally located in holiday tourist areas. The building must be promoted to attract holiday makers for short to medium stays.
Management Rights play an important role in all tourism zones by providing accommodation for guests to come and stay while on holidays. A higher level of service is required by the guest but the returns are greater for the RUM. This is why the commission is 12% of the rental amount.

The office hours are generally 6 – 7 days a week depending on the complex.
Marketing is a very important component of the operation on any holiday building. This includes advertising your building on your own website and other accommodation websites, print media, trade shows etc.
Holiday complexes thrive on repeat business, so good public relations skills are essential. A happy, friendly Manager helps make for a happy holiday experience. Guests remember, and come back, time after time.


A typical permanent complex comprises a number of units or townhouses that are designed for longer term accommodation – 3 months and over.
There is less marketing than holiday buildings and the front office duties are not as demanding.
Office hours are less frequent (in some cases, no office hours are set by the body corporate)
The role of the RUM is to source good tenants, collect rent, and uphold the By Laws of the complex.
It is critical to develop a good working rapport with your tenants and owners.


This type of complex is usually located is the surrounding area of universities
It is very similar to a permanent complex and may have a number of permanent rental properties as well in the complex.
It is common practice for the room to be leased out rather than the individual unit.
You may have 4 leases for a 4 bedroom dwelling.
The rental returns can be much higher to owners than a standard permanent complex
Additional services may have to be provided – buses to drive students to university


This type of complex/ building is generally located in the central business area
It is very similar to a holiday building, however there may be no additional facilities – pools, BBQ’s, Gymnasium, tennis courts as the typical guest would have no requirement for these facilities.
Corporate buildings offer short to medium stays.
They are usually serviced apartments with some providing cooking facilities